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Conference Speakers

Conference Plenary Speakers

Prof. George K. Giakos
Quantum Neuromorphic
Computing in Space

Dr. Carlito S. Ponseca Jr.
THz imaging system/ technologies for bio- and PV application

Aaron Fenster
3D ultrasound technology

Dr. Phillip L. Reu
Standardization of Image
Correlation Method



Prof. Jinchang Ren
Hyperspectral imager and its

Prof. Takayoshi Shimura
Ultra-High Speed camera

Prof. Sos Agaian
Artificial Neural Networks


Dr. Giorgos Kollias
Lecture: Quantum Computing

Dr. Rui Fan
Tongji University, China
Lecture: Computer Vision and
Machine Learning for Driving Scene Understanding

Prof. Michalis Zervakis
Technical University of Crete, Greece
Lecture: Advances in Medical
Imaging and Neuroimaging

Prof. Antonios Gasteratos
Democritus University of Thrace, (DUTH), Greece
Lecture: Recent trends in Visual Loop Closure Detection for Autonomous Behaviours



Prof. Luay Fraiwan
Abu Dhabi University, UAE
Lecture: mHealth systems based on mobile thermal imaging

Dr. Tannaz Farrahi
University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Lecture: Development of
Superconducting (SIS) junctions for THz Imaging

Prof. Lazaros Nalpantidis
DTU-Technical University of
Denmark, Denmark
Lecture: Autonomous Robotic
Systems in Labor-intensive

Prof. Li-Wei Kang
National Taiwan Normal University
(NTNU), Taiwan
Lecture: Image Restoration: From Sparse Coding to Deep Learning


Prof. Andrzej Skalski
University of Science and
Technology, Poland
Lecture: Mixed and Augmented Reality in Medicine

Prof. Matteo Pastorino &
A. Randazzo
University of Genoa, Italy
Lecture: Novel Optimization and AI-based approaches to microwave diagnostics

Prof. Manish Kumar Bajpai &
Prof. Koushlendra Kumar Singh
Indian Institute of Information
Technology, Design and
Manufacturing, India; National
Institute of Technology, India
Lecture: Application of Fractional Calculus in Image Processing

Prof. Frank Hsu
Fordham University, USA
Lecture: Preference Detection Using Combinatorial Fusion

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